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Choosing my financial adviser

Are you looking for financial advice? Before you go to see a financial adviser read our EBook on the important questions to ask.


Property vs Shares

Unsure about which asset class you should invest in, or which asset class might be better suited to your situation? Download our free EBook that discusses the age old debate of property or shares.


Buying Property Using Superannuation

So you have heard about buying property using your superannuation? Before you rush out and purchase a property using your superannuation read our free EBook on the pros and cons of this strategy and the steps involved.


Buy My Business Premises using Superannuation

Are you a business owner that is sick of paying rent to a landlord? If the answer is yes then download our free EBook that discusses purchasing your business premises using your superannuation.


Financial Planning for Same Sex Couples

Same sex couples are now entitled to the same rights as heterosexual de facto couples. In this EBook we discuss the important changes under the same sex reform and the financial issues that we see affect our clients that are in same sex relationships.